Student Presidential Leaders Series

at the Clinton Presidential Center

The 2022-2023 Application Cycle is Now Closed, Please Check Back Next Fall

The Clinton Presidential Center’s Student Presidential Leaders Series is a modular, multi-session educational program designed to inspire the next generation through curriculum and activities rooted in social engagement. Watch the video below to hear from past participants and scroll down to see more information.

The Student Presidential Leaders Series offers an in-depth look at the process of presidential leadership, the importance of civic participation, and the tactics of turning knowledge into action. Through this program, the Clinton Center aims to build capacity within future leaders and enhance the abilities of educators to support student development. We are excited to announce that the program is now expanded to welcome 9th graders.

Each year, fifteen high school students (9th through 12th grades) and fifteen K through 12 educators will be selected to participate in the program to build connections with peers and educators from across the state, get inspired by established leaders, and learn how to make a meaningful impact.

Designed with accessibility and long-term impact in mind, this annual program is offered at no cost to selected participants, thanks to the generous support of the Roy & Christine Sturgis Charitable Trust.

Educators will receive tools, strategies, metrics, and techniques to:

• Promote psychological safety among students.
• Create allyships.
• Cultivate diverse networks where inclusion can flourish.
• Measure equity outcomes.

Selected educators may choose to receive either 12 hours of professional development or a $400 stipend for their participation.

Students will receive tools, strategies, metrics, and techniques to:

• Build a foundation for leading complex and meaningful social change.
• Explore the realities and inequities that negatively impact their respective communities.
• Foster a shared aspiration for creating equitable, inclusive change as Arkansas’s next generation of leaders.
• Bridge the gap between reality and aspiration by focusing on systemic solutions.


The 2022-2023 Application Cycle is Now Closed.

My voice really can be used to make positive change and to uplift the voices of those that may not be comfortable speaking in those spaces.

2020 Student Presidential Leaders Series Participant



Session 1 | Student Presidential Leaders Series Retreat (in-person)

Friday, Nov. 4 – Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022

The Student Presidential Leaders Series’ in-person retreat provides students and educators with the opportunity to learn, connect, and grow as leaders in a psychologically safe space that empowers them to identify structural injustices and develops new tools to lead to systemic change. New this year, returning SPLS students are leading 5 self-selected service projects and partnering with first-year SPLS students around the state to advance their project

The retreat is facilitated by Just Communities of Arkansas. Their organization has nearly 60 years of expertise and experience in facilitating difficult but necessary conversations; amplifying individuals’ diverse lived experiences; and promoting collective healing, empathy, and humility. Participants will be able to build new relationships with others around the state, creating a unique network of solidarity and capacity for leading change needed now more than ever in a state and country experiencing a social revolution within a pandemic. Through facilitated dialogue, organic discussions, and hands-on activities with real-world applications, participants will gain a sense of unity, urgency, empowerment, and enlightenment to look within themselves and each other to lead positive, equitable change.

Returning SPLS participants will have advanced focus groups to develop their leadership further and drive for social change.


Session 2 | Women’s Voices Summit (in-person)

Friday, Dec. 2, 2022

SPLS students will have a concurrent session at the Clinton School of Public Service regarding summit panels that include. A deep dive into the historic 1995 UN World Conference on understanding the centuries of struggle for women’s rights, voice, and vote,  & how women continue to be at the forefront of efforts to protect the fundamental right to vote.


Session 3 | Service Project Workshop and Check-In (hybrid)

January 2023 (Date to be determined by SPLS participants)

Just Communities of Arkansas will return with the Clinton Center to workshop the five service projects created in Module 1. JCA and CPC will provide additional inspiration, guidance, and resources to advance their projects ahead of the Forum.


Session 4 | Women’s Voices Event (in-person)

Spring 2023 (Date to be determined by SPLS participants)


Session 5 | Student Presidential Leaders Forum (in-person)

Spring 2023 (Date to be determined by SPLS participants)

This workshop, designed around leadership practice, will be the culminating experience for this special group of students and educators. The Presidential Leaders will assist in facilitating this forum for their peers, allowing them to present about progress on their chosen service project that tackles important issues of the next generation of leaders. It will display the power of dialogue through civic discussions and conversations with subject-matter experts. Students and educators will leave knowing that their ideas matter and are celebrated for their commitment to service. This program will be open to additional student groups.


Session 6 | Student Presidential Leaders Summer Summit (in-person)

July 18 – 20, 2023

This three-day session will allow students to engage with experts; participate in hands-on training; and develop skills like public speaking, diplomacy, and creating connections with others. Students will be mentored by accomplished leaders in the community, explore history within the exhibits of the Clinton Center, and learn about careers in public service.


Abby  S.

Alexandria  E.

Allison  F.

Alyzia  D.

Brea  G.

Brianah  H.

Brittany  K.

Casey  R.

Cassidy  W.

Chandler  P.

David  K.

Emily claire  H.

Eric  T.

Gwen  O.

Jennifer  B.

Jillian  T.

Kennedi  G.

Kennedi  S.

Lexi  J.

Lindsey  D.

Luis  M.

Macie  M.

Madi  M.

Manvitha  N.

Molly  C.

Natalie  S.

Olivia  G.

Pranav  T.


Yahya  Y.

Ziya  D.

Zoe  S.


Caitlyn  C.

Kelly  T.

Layna  J.

Liz  C.

Marcia  B.

Melanie  M.

Rebekah  B.

Sean  Q.

Tracy  H.

Wes  H.

Yulonda  P.

Romerse  B.