We endeavor to build and nurture a workplace culture anchored in the beliefs we share with President Clinton that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, we all have a responsibility to act, that diverse and inclusive groups make better decisions, and we all do better when we work together.

We acknowledge the injustice of systemic racism, discrimination, and oppression. We are committed to putting people first in both words and deeds. And in the words of President Clinton, “make our tomorrows better than our yesterdays.”

In advancing the mission of the Foundation and seeking to make an impact on the world around us, we will listen to one another and the communities we serve, celebrate our differences, and embrace our shared humanity. At our core, we are collaborative and action-oriented. With our diverse partners, we commit to finding solutions that address the biggest challenges of our time.

We aspire to create a workplace culture that is transparent, accountable, and responsive, and we are committed to continuous improvement through ongoing conversations and measurement and evaluation of our progress.


Our staff-led DE&I Steering Committee works year-round to promote accountability and transparency regarding DEI-related issues across the organization. The committee is representative of a wide-range of departments, backgrounds, tenures, and experiences. They are advocates, advisors, and key partners in the seamless integration of DEI throughout our work and culture.



Perri Chinalai

Managing Director, Too Small to Fail Program Strategy and Innovation

Mayuri Ghosh

Director, Climate Resilience and Sustainability, Clinton Global Initiative