Post-Disaster Recovery: May 2021 Meeting

During the week of May 24, the Clinton Global Initiative hosted the sixth convening of the Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery. A year into the COVID-19 pandemic and just before the start of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, this virtual event discussed how the pandemic has impacted the Caribbean region and highlighted the most pressing needs and opportunities for collaboration between governments, the private sector, philanthropy, nonprofits, and community leaders. President Clinton led discussions focused on climate action and the key role of renewable energy in driving sustainable livelihoods in the region. Additional sessions focused on key topics that address the socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic, such as food security, mental health, and resilient energy for critical facilities.


Climate Action for Caribbean and Global Resilience with President Bill Clinton


Renewable, Resilient Energy: Innovative Models for Deploying to Scale


Mental Health: Responding to COVID-19 and Facing Future Crises in the Caribbean


Caribbean Preparedness: Forecasts and Solutions for the 2021 Hurricane Season and Beyond


Tree Planting: A Ground-Up Global Solution to Climate Change and Food Insecurity


Girls and Women for Climate Action: A Conversation with Chelsea Clinton