Read to Lead: Women’s History Month

The Clinton Presidential Center’s Read to Lead Series is all about helping young learners become great readers, leaders, and active citizens. We will explore some interesting topics, like how to be a good member of your community and learn more about yourself and the culture and history of our neighbors. This enriching event is free to the public.

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Join us March 16 at Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library & Learning Center for Read to Lead: Women’s History Month. You will get to listen to some great stories about influential voices from some amazing books and even get the chance to make some accessible crafts and participate in music-making activities.

This month’s program is presented in partnership with the Central Arkansas Library System.

BOOK 1: “Who Was Ruth Bader Ginsburg?” by Lisbeth Kaiser

The chronology and themes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s meaningful life are presented in a masterfully succinct text, with just a few sentences per page. The fresh, stylized illustrations are sure to captivate young readers and adults alike. With a read-aloud biographical summary in the back, this age-appropriate introduction honors and shares the life and work of one of the most influential Supreme Court justices of our time.

BOOK 2: “It Takes a Village” by Hillary Rodham Clinton

It Takes a Village tells the heartwarming and universal story of a diverse community coming together to make a difference. All kinds of people working together, playing together, and living together in harmony makes a better village and many villages coming together can make a better world. Together we can build a better life for one another. Together we can change our world.


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