Arkansas Civic Education Institute


Application open now.

The deadline to apply is October 10, 2023.

The Clinton Presidential Center’s new Arkansas Civic Education Institute (ACE Institute) is an immersive, weekend-long professional development program for middle school and high school educators. The inaugural ACE Institute: Leadership and Legacy will explore techniques to incorporate primary sources into engaging classroom discussions, including records from the National Archives and presidential libraries.

Educators who complete the weekend-long program will receive 12 hours of ADE-approved professional development credit.

This year’s ACE Institute will focus on teaching the profound history of the Holocaust, now a mandatory subject in Arkansas education. The Anne Frank Installation at the Clinton Presidential Center will serve as the centerpiece of the program’s curriculum. The program will draw from a special collection of artifacts overseen by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets, which was created during the Clinton administration. Through dialogue with peers and by engaging with artifacts and resources from the Holocaust Assets Commission, educators will gain a deeper understanding of this significant historical period and how to effectively address the complexities of Holocaust education in the classroom.

Educators can expect to walk away with:

  • Learn strategies for incorporating primary sources and archival materials into classroom discussions
  • Gain experience addressing historical injustices in an educational setting
  • Connect with peers and identify resources for continued professional development

Designed with accessibility and long-term impact in mind, the Clinton Foundation offers this program at no cost to participants.

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