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President Clinton Visits Chakipi Acceso Enterprise in Peru

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Program offers training, access to goods, and new markets to women is benefitting from a new partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank

PERU – Today, President Clinton was joined by officials of the Clinton Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to visit part of a social enterprise run by the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) that empowers women entrepreneurs and helps them improve their livelihoods. The social enterprise, Chakipi Acceso, started with investments from Frank Giustra and Fundación Carlos Slim, equips women in various regions of Peru with sales skills training; gives them access to essential products such as fortified foods, personal and home care items, and solar lamps at discounted prices; and enables them to sell these products in their communities.

Chakipi Acceso recently entered into a new partnership with the Multilateral Investment Fund, a member of the IDB, which is providing $500,000 toward scaling up CGEP's Chakipi Acceso enterprise in Peru.

During the visit, the delegation toured an Advanced Stocking Location in the CGEP Chakipi distribution enterprise and saw how the entrepreneurs select their products and receive onsite product training. They also heard from several women in the program about how the project has benefitted their families and improved their incomes and quality of living.

“The Chakipi Acceso enterprise is helping women across Peru strengthen their communities and their livelihoods by connecting them with training and a supply chain for products, while allowing them to sell in an otherwise untapped market with need for these life-changing goods,” said Mark Gunton, Chief Executive Officer of CGEP. “Our new partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank will help us reach more entrepreneurs in more regions of the country, expanding a model that has proven to fight poverty and strengthen communities. As a result of the success of this model in Peru, we have expanded the distribution enterprise model into Haiti.”

Chakipi Acceso is a “last-mile” or inclusive distribution enterprise that helps women entrepreneurs in various regions in Peru. The program:

  • Equips these women with sales skills training and essential products at reduced prices;
  • Coaches the Chakipi entrepreneurs on selling these products to others within their communities;
  • Enables the Chakipi entrepreneurs to improve their incomes and access new livelihoods; and,
  • Provide essential, life-changing goods that are otherwise difficult or impossible for remote communities to access.

To scale the Chakipi Acceso Enterprise in Peru, the program will increase the number of trained and employed microdistributors, most of whom are local women, who handle last-mile sales and delivery of products from well-known manufacturers like Santa Natura, Nestlé, and Claro in various departments. With support from the MIF's technical assistance grant, Chakipi Acceso plans to expand its network to more than 2,000 women microdistributors. The technical cooperation funds will be provided by SCALA, a $5 million facility established by the Multilateral Investment Fund and the Citi Foundation, with additional support from the International Development Research Centre, to promote inclusive distribution projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.