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Press Release: Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative Announces Partnership with ANTIAIDS and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation

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$2.5 Million Commitment Will Increase HIV/AIDS Testing and Treatment Capacity in Ukraine.

The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) announced a new partnership with the Olena Franchuck ANTIAIDS Foundation and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. The two Foundations have committed a total of $2.5 million dollars to support CHAI’s HIV/AIDS work in Ukraine over the five-year period of 2006 through 2010.

“I'm happy to be working with the the Olena Franchuck ANTIAIDS Foundation and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation on expanding access to HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment services in Ukraine,” said President Clinton. “Through their generous support, we will be able to greatly increase the number of people with access to these services, and I am grateful for the partnership.”

UNAIDS estimates that 410,000 Ukrainians are living with HIV/AIDS, giving Ukraine one of the highest prevalence rates in the region. Of particular concern in Ukraine are injection drug users, who account for the majority of the estimated 17,000 people in need of immediate antiretroviral treatment (ART). As of 2005, only 2,700 people in Ukraine were receiving this life-saving intervention.

“The work of the Clinton Foundation made a tremendous difference in treatment and care of people living with HIV/AIDS in many countries,” said Elena Franchuk. “For the ANTIAIDS foundation, this partnership means an expansion of our activities, which have been centered for the last three years on media campaigns. Now, to change the AIDS situation in Ukraine, the country needs the best international experience and know-how in combating the epidemics.”

Thanks to the contributions of the Olena Franchuck ANTIAIDS Foundation and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, CHAI will immediately begin to increase access to rapid testing, to improve laboratory capacity, to train and mentor health care workers, to introduce HIV treatment and to improve drug procurement processes in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Over the next several years, CHAI will collaborate with the government of Ukraine to expand HIV testing legislation, to develop rapid HIV test guidelines, to increase the number of people receiving ART treatment, to establish new rapid test sites, to train healthcare workers, to register and improve access to methadone-based substitution therapy for injection drug users, and to ensure a constant and reliable ARV drug supply.

CHAI and the government of Ukraine have been working together since 2004. In November 2005, Ukraine joined CHAI’s group of partner countries, in which CHAI works alongside governments to develop and implement strategic, sustainable HIV/AIDS care and treatment programs. Since then, CHAI has rapidly scaled up its program in Ukraine, specifically helping Ukraine with its Round 6 Global Fund proposal, reviewing existing guidelines and protocols, and helping integrate high risk populations into effective HIV/AIDS care, treatment, and prevention programs.

Elena Franchuk “ANTIAIDS” Foundation

Elena Franchuk has been involved in business and charitable activities in Ukraine for many years. Her foundation, established in 2003, is the first and sole foundation in Ukraine committed to fighting HIV/AIDS. The Foundation's activities are aimed at: drawing attention of opinion makers, government authorities and business leaders to the HIV/AIDS problem; implementing large-scale informational and educational campaigns; providing direct support to people living with HIV/AIDS; attracting resources for supporting relevant projects on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; and diminishing the stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Victor Pinchuk Foundation

Victor Pinchuk is the founder of Interpipe Corporation, one of the largest Ukrainian industrial groups. Interpipe is the only Eastern European member of the Global Business Coalition against HIV/AIDS. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation develops and supports projects that contribute to the development of Ukraine. The six fields of activity and the projects of the Foundation have been selected because of their strategic importance for the future of the country: Health (Neonatal Centers), Education (Stipends Programs, School of Economics, cooperation with the Aspen Institute), Culture (Contemporary Art Centre, Film on the Holocaust with Steven Spielberg), Rule of Law (with the Soros Foundation), International Development (promotion of Ukraine in the EU) and support for local communities in Ukraine.

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