An individual wearing an apron paints a piece of pottery

Haiti Action Network

Partnerships to catalyze long-term development in Haiti

An individual wearing an apron paints a piece of pottery


In 2008, President Bill Clinton issued a call to action to address the pressing challenges Haiti faced in the aftermath of four devastating hurricanes, resulting in the formation of the Haiti Action Network. In response to the January 2010 earthquake, the network intensified their efforts toward long-term development in Haiti by addressing issues such as agriculture, cultural preservation, education, energy, enterprise development, health, and shelter, as well as water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

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Interested in expanding efforts to support Haiti? Send us a note to learn how you might partner and participate in the Haiti Action Network.

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President Clinton stands with an individual wearing a hard hat and vest
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President Clinton shakes the hand of an individual putting together an artisanal piece with beads
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Two individuals paint pieces of pottery
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An individual stands with growing crops
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An individual puts together an artisanal piece using beads
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An individual paints artisanal pieces
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Since 2008, members have made more than 100 Commitments to Action focused on Haiti, which will be valued at $500 million when fully funded and implemented.

  • 1

    Providing opportunity for members

    working in Haiti to discuss best practices and learn from one another.

  • 2

    Avoiding duplication of efforts

    by members working in the country by sharing updates and specific areas of focus.

  • 3

    Networking and exploring partnerships

    with a focus on cross-sector collaboration.

  • 4

    Liaising with the government

    of Haiti to allow for an open dialogue and to coordinate the work of CGI members with the priorities of the government.