We leverage popular media and campaigns to create a culture of language and literacy for parents driven by narrative and inspiration. Our partnerships with major media companies and briefings for writers and producers have amassed nearly one billion media impressions for early childhood and literacy messages.


Creating Inspiring Narratives: Together with Univision and other partners, we developed a first-of-it-kind telenovela (soap opera) themed around early education and literacy. Now in production for its third season, the prime-time series, La Fuerza de Creer, models language-rich parenting through hopeful and engaging narratives.

Shifting Attitudes Through Storytelling: We’ve worked with writers and producers in Hollywood to incorporate early childhood and literacy messages in 15 popular television shows, including Law & Order SVU, Days of our Lives, Doc McStuffins, Orange is the New Black, The Fosters, Pequeños Gigantes, and more!

Reaching Parents through Text: As part of our Emmy Award winning public awareness campaign with Univision, we operate the country’s largest Spanish-language text messaging resource for parents, offering twice-weekly tips, tools and activity prompts to support early learning.

Encouraging Families to Sing Together: In partnership with major radio and streaming music platforms — including Spotify and iHeartMedia — we reach parents with curated playlists and activity prompts that encourage families to sing together. Singing is a great way to build early language and math skills, and strengthen bonds between parents and young children.