Online and Virtual Resources

Educational Programs at
the Clinton Center

These online resources are designed to be delivered in your classroom as a pre-visit experience prior to bringing your school group to the Clinton Center or as a part of your classroom instruction.

Powers of the Presidency

This online collection explores the powers and responsibilities of the United States President: Chief Executive, Commander in Chief, Chief Diplomat, and Ceremonial Head of State. Online exhibits and accompanying lesson plans incorporate primary-source materials, including documents, videos, and objects, and examples from the Clinton administration to illustrate the powers of the presidency.

Clinton Digital Library

This virtual research room provides teachers and students with free access to the digitized collections of the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum. Topical Research Guides and Digital Library Exhibits offer curated explorations of specific moments, policies, and accomplishments from the Clinton administration, including diplomacy in Northern Ireland, commemorating the integration of Little Rock Central High School, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s historic address to the UN Fourth World Conference on Women, the appointment of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and many more.