Photo Credit: Paul Morse/Clinton Global Initiative
Nov 16
The Clinton Foundation invites you to attend our

20/30 Exchange: Public-Private Partnerships for Good

1776 | 1133 15th St. NW | Washington, D.C. | 6:00 – 8:00 PM

On Monday, November 16, members of Clinton Foundation 20/30 and guests are invited to the downtown D.C. campus of 1776 for a happy hour panel discussion and reception that will highlight some exciting partnerships between the private and public sectors that are working to build a better world.

At the Clinton Foundation, we believe that the best way to unlock human potential is through the power of creative collaboration. That's why we build partnerships between businesses, NGOs, governments, and individuals everywhere to work faster, better, and leaner; to find solutions that last; and to transform lives and communities from what they are today to what they can be, tomorrow.

In Partnership with 1776

1776: Where Revolutions Begin


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About Clinton Foundation 20/30

Through leadership development, professional growth, and volunteer opportunities, Clinton Foundation 20/30 provides emerging leaders in their 20s and 30s with a platform to build a better world by, for, and in the year 2030. To become a member, and for more information, please visit

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