Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Every mind, every body, every young person healthy and ready to succeed


The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is an independent and associated initiative that works to promote healthy environments so that young people can achieve lifelong good health. Founded in 2005 as a partnership between the Clinton Foundation and American Heart Association, Healthier Generation works with U.S. schools, youth-serving organizations, and families to build healthier communities that support children’s physical, social, and emotional health. Since it was founded, Healthier Generation has positively impacted the lives of 30 million children across the United States.

In Photos: Healthier Generation in action

President Clinton takes a photo with a group of students
A student eats an apple during lunch
A student uses an exercise bike
President Clinton helps students make a smoothie at a high school in New York City
Chelsea Clinton visits students at an elementary school in California
A P.E. teacher teaches a gym class
Children playing with sports equipment in New York City
Students playing basketball at a school in California
A student practices yoga at an elementary school in Pennsylvania
A student plays hopscotch at school
A group of students take a photo together after school
A student takes a drink of water
A professional basketball player takes a photo with students at an elementary school in Georgia
Students jumping during an outdoor physical activity
Students get ready to run around a track
A student participates in physical activity during a school field day
Students help plant a garden at a middle school in California
Students participate in a classroom activity at an elementary school in North Carolina
Students participate in a cooking activity at a school in New Jersey


At the Clinton Foundation, we believe data should be used to guide how programs are designed and implemented. We leverage both quantitative and qualitative information in order to promote evidence-based decision-making and help the Foundation and our community of partners achieve greater results in people’s lives across the country and around the world.

  • 30M

    U.S children

    leading healthier lives through the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

  • 52K

    schools and youth-serving organizations

    partnering with Healthier Generation to increase access to healthy food choices and physical activity since 2005.

  • 71%

    Title I Schools Served

    Last year, 71% of the schools and families served by Healthier Generation were located in under-resourced communities receiving federal Title I funding.