Clinton Climate Initiative

Clinton Climate Initiative

By creating public and private sector partnerships of purpose, we're proving that measures to fight climate change can also grow economies.

Building on President Clinton’s longstanding commitment to the environment, the Clinton Climate Initiative develops scalable projects that can be tailored to local conditions while also serving as innovative models for tackling global climate change. This approach helps provide real-world demonstrations of how we can cut emissions while compressing the timeframe for delivering real progress.

More About the Clinton Climate Initiative

The Clinton Climate Initiative collaborates with world-class partners to increase the resiliency of communities facing climate change, and create replicable and sustainable models for others to follow. Our unique and innovative models encourage cross-sectorial collaborations.

At the core of our engagement philosophy is Systems Thinking; identifying and activating leverage points that can create significant positive impact in climate change mitigation and energy transition for communities around the world. Through our programs and with our distinctive resources we aim to create measurable, meaningful, and lasting contributions.