Permanent Exhibits


The Campaign
President Bush had high approval ratings in '91, and Ross Perot fought hard as an independent, but Governor Clinton prevailed by offering Americans a prospect of change.


This exhibit brings visitors back to the pinnacle of President Clinton’s election, when he stood before nearly a million people and spoke of the changes he would rise to fulfill.


The Vice President
Al Gore set new standards for the Vice Presidency, and used his expertise on issues from the environment to arms control, to propose new ideas and see them through.


White House at Work
The members of the White House staff reflected the diversity of America. They worked tirelessly to turn the Administration’s ideas into action.


Cabinet Room
The Cabinet Room, the home of deliberations and decisions that have been shaping our nation’s future for more than 100 years, has been re-created here.


Statistical Portraits
These numbers and figures give substance to the enormity of the presidency, allowing visitors to witness the true scale of many of President Clinton’s policies and decisions.


Policy Alcoves
The 28-foot columns holding historical documents are the foundation of the museum as the policy challenges and solutions were the foundation of the Clinton Administration.


The timeline puts the Clinton Administration into historical perspective, giving cultural, technological, and international flavor to the American political scene.


Life in the White House
The White House was the setting for countless state events, holiday and family celebrations, and a showplace for the best of American craftsmanship, cuisine, and culture.


Oval Office
The only full-size replica of the Oval Office, this exhibit allows every visitor to feel as if he or she were standing at the helm of American power and prestige.


The Work Continues
The Clinton Foundation allows President Clinton to continue to employ his leadership and influence to address the world’s most pressing challenges.


Biography Exhibits
In this exhibit, visitors will venture through the phases of Bill Clinton’s youth and catch a glimpse into his campaigns for Congress, Attorney General and Governor. 



The Clinton Center

The Clinton Center is home to the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, and the Little Rock offices of the Clinton Foundation. A world-class educational and cultural venue, the Clinton Center hosts a variety of educational programs, special events, exhibitions, and lectures, and presents a unique perspective of the work – past, present, and future – of the 42nd President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton.

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