Solarizing Schools in Dominica

Commitment by Expedia

In 2018, Expedia Group, Construction for Change, and Sextant Foundation committed to install solar systems at six primary schools in Dominica. In 2017, Hurricane Maria caused 99% of the island to lose power, disrupting many critical services. Without power, many of the schools on the island were forced to close temporarily. Many students have been forced to travel to different schools and attend at reduced schedules. To address this need, the newly-installed solar systems will provide schools on the east side of the island – where power has yet to be restored – with a reliable, sustainable source of energy for students to continue their education. In the event of another hurricane or natural disaster, these systems will keep the lights, fans, and refrigerators running, and allow local residents the ability to power communication devices. This commitment will also serve to strengthen the schools as places of refuge and bring hope and reassurance to their communities.



Solarizing Schools in Dominica



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1 Year

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Construction for Change; The Sextant Foundation

To address the needs facing schools in Dominica, Expedia Group, Construction for Change and Sextant Foundation will work together to provide solar power to six schools in Dominica. These schools – Castle Bruce, Atkinson Primary School, Atkinson Light House School, Sineku Primary School, Concord Primary School, and Salybia Primary School – were identified as high priority schools by Prime Minister Skerrit because they are located on the east coast of the island, where power has yet to be restored. Additionally, this area is home to the last remining indigenous population, the Kalinago Tribe, with the most at-risk youth.

Digicel Foundation has been rehabilitating each of the schools, ensuring that new roofs and structures are appropriately reinforced. An assessment of each facility has been completed. In the coming months, solar panels will be ordered, shipped and installed in preparation for the school year.

Expedia Group will provide the funding for the procurement and installation of the solar equipment on the six schools. Construction for Change will serve as the project manager for the completion of the project. Sextant Foundation will serve as the technical experts, and their volunteers will manage the installation

These solar installations will ensure a reliable, sustainable source of energy for the communities they serve. Each system will be individualized based on the individual needs of each school, but will also cover the critical load at each facility to carry out its essential functions. For example, in the event of another hurricane or natural disaster, if grid power is not available, these systems will keep the lights, fans, and refrigerators running, and allow local residents to power communication devices

End of July 2018: Materials ordered.
End of July 2018 – Middle of September 2018: Materials shipped to island and delivered to identified sites. Timely delivery of equipment will influence volunteer arrival, the date when installation can begin, and the project completion timeline.
Middle of September 2018 – Middle of October 2018: Equipment installation begins


In September 2017, a Category 5 Hurricane battered the island of Dominica. With 160mph winds Hurricane Maria resulted in loss of life and damage to critical infrastructure, including significant damage to many of the island’s schools. The storm rendered 99% of the island without power. As a result, students had their education and routines disrupted until January 2017, almost four months after the hurricane. Power has still not been restored to most of the east coast of the island. Therefore, students have been forced to travel long distances to different schools and attend at reduced schedules.

Now, months after Hurricane Maria made landfall, Dominica remains in urgent need of reliable and resilient power. With the east coast still without access to grid power, and the 2018 hurricane season beginning, there remains a widespread fear for lack of preparedness. Furthermore, with the potential for diesel shortages, landslides, and flooding, generators are not a reliable nor sustainable solution. Solar projects have been recognized as a potential means to restore vital electricity to critical facilities such as schools, that serve students year-round and become a place of refuge, hope and reassurance for their communities during an emergency.

Partnership Opportunities

This team is seeking opportunities to bring solar to health and education centers to partners across the Caribbean. This team can offer best practices and technical expertise in implementing solar projects for health and education centers in limited-resource and post-disaster settings.

Progress Reports

December 2018

To date Construction for Change and Sextant Foundation have completed design and preconstruction phases of the 6 school solar projects on Dominica in partnership with Expedia Group and Digicel (Dominica) Ltd. There has been $83,929 invested in the green construction project. In September 2018, Construction for Change completed a 1-week preconstruction planning trip to determine how and where the equipment would be set up at each site. Solar equipment was ordered in September and is currently in transit to Dominica. Installation is scheduled to commence in mid-October with the arrival of the Sextant Foundation volunteer team, who will work with 2 local laborers to complete these projects.
Installation has begun, and the first system is up and running at Atkinson Lighthouse Primary School; grid power hasn’t been available since Hurricane Maria, so until now, they only had lights on when connected to a generator. Over the next 4-5 weeks, Sextant Foundation volunteers and local laborers will finish installing the five other systems.