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Accelerating Clean Energy Technology Development

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Duke Energy Corporation, ENN Group

To respond to the global imperative of climate change, Duke Energy, one of the US's leading energy companies, and ENN, one of China's leading energy companies, have formed an innovative partnership to accelerate development of low-carbon energy solutions. In 2009 the companies committed to a bilateral agreement to accelerate clean energy technology development in solar technology and manufacturing, zero emissions coal technology systems, algae for carbon capture, and biofuels and smart grid enabled energy efficiency.
Within their first year, these partners have held numerous information exchanges both in the US and in China, which culminated in an algae bioreactor being sent from China to the US and installed in Boone County, Kentucky. Tests are now being run on carbon capture from algae.
As of April 2011, ENN and Duke Energy tested the capacity for a variety of strains of algae to absorb carbon dioxide from flue gas in a mobile laboratory, with more planned tests of reducing power plants' carbon emissions on the way. Also, both companies have agreed to collaborate on the development of technologies to help build greener cities in China and the United States.





Accelerating Clean Energy Technology Development



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1 year

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Asia, Northern America


CHINA, United States

Commitment by

Duke Energy Corporation, ENN Group

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James E. Rogers, Yu-suo Wang