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Advancing Clean Energy and Businesses in the South

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Energy Foundation

In 2010, the Energy Foundation committed to launch a major effort to advance clean energy markets in the Southern U.S. By strategically aggregating funds in order to promote policies that provide the highest leverage in the energy sector, the commitment will help grow the clean energy economy in a region that has lagged behind others in experiencing the economic and environmental benefits of the creation and deployment of new energy technologies. Specifically, the Foundation is investing at least $1.5 million per year and will look to attract philanthropic investors. Other strategies include convening, coordinating, and supporting knowledge sharing amongst organizations; bringing outside expertise to support local efforts; supporting economic and policy analysis; and aggregating and strategically deploying new funds in the region.
As of June 2011, the Energy Foundation utilized existing resources to establish business coalitions in Arkansas and Tennessee, and is currently in the process of fundraising. Grantees are working with the Tennessee Valley Authority to identify a resource plan that will increase energy efficiency and deployment of renewable technology throughout its service area.





Advancing Clean Energy and Businesses in the South



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Energy Foundation