Commitment to Action

Affordable and Green Homes for Developing Nations

Commitment by

REISA Corporation

In 2013, REISA committed to establish an affordable and green friendly housing market in Brazil, through the investment of a minimum of $250,000 to develop a partnership with local governments to build an estimate of 5,000 low cost housing units. REISA will assess the need, determine site location, and design a right fit affordable and eco-conscious housing solution to be built, using recyclable and eco-friendly building materials. REISA will train local labor local force in its proprietary model, which allows a team of 6-8 people to build the structure of a 1,000 sq. ft. home in approximately 14 minutes, and finish a home in approximately 10 days. Contracts for REISA'S affordable homes will be established with local and national governments or affordable housing developers and contractors with existing government contracts who are looking for a fulfillment solution. If REISA is successful in opening such a market and can recoup the initial investment, it will contribute5% of net profits toward building low income houses.





Affordable and Green Homes for Developing Nations



Est. Duration

5 years

Estimated Total Value



Latin America & Caribbean



Commitment by

REISA Corporation