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Barclays Dream Accounts

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Barclays plc

In 2013, Barclays committed to launching Dream Accounts, an educational initiative to improve college continuation and graduation rates among low-income high school students through virtual peer mentorship. Barclays will build and pilot an innovative mobile app to provide a social media-based platform that will connect current college students with current high school students of similar backgrounds. Content on the app includes videos and blogs from college student mentors, a financial dashboard to track a student's savings towards college, and strategies for students to learn how to save for college, find financial aid, and prepare a professional resume for their college applications. Additionally, Barclays will develop a savings product with no fees or minimum balance that allows students, as minors, to be the primary account holder, and will reward positive savings behaviors with a bonus on interest earned. Over the next year Barclays will pilot this initiative in Delaware high schools and expects 1,000 students to participate.





Barclays Dream Accounts



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3 years

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Northern America


United States

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Barclays plc

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State of Delaware, Teach For America, Utah Educational Saving Plans