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Barclays Women In Leadership: Measuring What Matters

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Barclays plc

In 2014, Barclays PLC committed to launching the Women In Leadership Index which provides investors with exposure to U.S. based companies with gender-diverse executive leadership. Companies in the Index have a female CEO, and / or a board of directors (BOD) made up of at least 25% women. This index will offer institutional and retail investors an opportunity to directly back companies with greater gender diversity in corporate leadership. Following the launch of the index, Barclays will offer related products including swaps and exchange traded-notes (ETN). Over the coming years, Barclays expects assets under management (AUM) in the index and ETN to achieve significant scale and will systematically measure performance related to AUM. Annual AUM targets have been agreed upon, and quarterly updates will ensure that AUM remains on track. This funding will also been allocated to support broad marketing & branding related to the Women In Leadership Index and related projects including, but not limited to, press, advertising, and thought-leadership and client events.





Barclays Women In Leadership: Measuring What Matters



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3 years

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United States

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Barclays plc