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Building an Anti-Trafficking Approach Replicable Worldwide

Commitment by

Polaris Project

In 2009, Polaris Project committed to developing a holistic campaign to reduce the profitability and incidence of human trafficking for forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation through policy advocacy, training, operating the national hotline, providing victim services, and raising social consciousness. Throughout the commitment period, Polaris Project trained 10,266 people on human trafficking, responded to 10,132 calls through the national hotline in the United States and 320 calls through the national hotline in Japan, advocated for 21 state policies to better address human trafficking, provided social services for 88 victims of human trafficking, and communicated the realities of human trafficking through leveraging mass media. This commitment enables the United States and Japan to create a strategic model for combating human trafficking and implementation with best practices that can be shared.





Building an Anti-Trafficking Approach Replicable Worldwide



Est. Duration

1 year

Estimated Total Value



Asia, Northern America


JAPAN, United States

Commitment by

Polaris Project

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

LexisNexis Group, International Centre For Missing And Exploited Children, Worldwide Documentaries,, Made by Survivors, Legatum Institute, Manpowergroup