Commitment to Action

Disabilities: Social & Financial Inclusion for Women & Girls

Commitment by

Keystone Human Services

In 2013, Keystone Human Services committed to improve social and financial inclusion for women and girls with disabilities in the United States and Eastern Europe, specifically in Pennsylvania, Moldova, and Russia. Through this commitment, Keystone aims to deinstitutionalize young women with disabilities, moving them from state institutions to community homes, and provide them with the necessary, community-based support structures. A complementary program aims to establish an inclusive, family-oriented, workforce model that effectively reduces obstacles to employment for women with disabilities and women caregivers of children with disabilities. This includes the creation of entrepreneurial and workforce positions, as well as the development of mentorship and counseling programs. Keystone aims to support 30 female caregivers of children with disabilities and 20 women with disabilities through these enterprising opportunities, and help to deinstitutionalize 10 woman and girls.





Disabilities: Social & Financial Inclusion for Women & Girls



Est. Duration

3 Years

Estimated Total Value



Europe, Northern America


Moldova, United States

Commitment by

Keystone Human Services

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Moldova, Republic of, Winrock International, National Agency for Employment, Swedish Organization for Individual Relief, Soros Foundation, Czech Development Agency, United States Agency for International Development, East European Foundation, Step by Step Management, Inc.