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Drought is Inevitable. Famine is Not.

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The ONE Campaign

In 2011, ONE committed to launch a multi-year campaign titled, Drought is Inevitable. Famine is Not, to address the famine in Somalia and the wider crisis in the Horn of Africa, which puts the lives of more than 12 million people at risk. This global campaign features grassroots organizing, social media tactics, innovative products (such as creative Public Service Announcements and animations), and top-level political lobbying to greatly increase awareness of the crisis and effectively press the G8, G20, and African governments to: 1) immediately meet their share of the $1 billion gap in emergency funding; and 2) invest in long-term agriculture development programs that will boost farm productivity and better prepare farmers in poor countries to withstand natural shocks, such as droughts, and thereby break the cycle of famine for good.





Drought is Inevitable. Famine is Not.



Est. Duration

4 years

Estimated Total Value



Northern America


Sub-Saharan Africa

Commitment by

The ONE Campaign

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Oxfam International, United Nations World Food Programme, Actionaid International, CARE, Global Alliance For Improved Nutrition (Gain)