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Fellowship for Young Women Entrepreneurs

Commitment by

Open Hands Initiative

In 2015, Open Hands Initiative (OHI) committed to enhance its short-term fellowship for 20 young female entrepreneurs (half American and half Jordanian) by offering all participants a year of complimentary membership in a professional women’s network and awarding four winners of a pitch competition in-kind placement in a startup accelerator or one-on-one mentorship, according to their business needs. Together with the fellowship program, the goal of the commitment is to support female founders with in-depth training and business development services for early-stage startup companies, transformative one-on-one mentorship, seed funding, networking opportunities with accomplished business people from around the world, and an unprecedented chance to learn alongside entrepreneurs from new markets and industries. The combined activities also advance OHI’s overarching goals to expand people-to-people connections between Jordanians and Americans, promote mutual respect, and foster understanding of the two countries by leveraging the power of entrepreneurship.





Fellowship for Young Women Entrepreneurs



Est. Duration

1 year

Estimated Total Value



Middle East & North Africa, Northern America


JORDAN, United States

Commitment by

Open Hands Initiative

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Angel Resource Institute, Oasis 500, Zain Group