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Fossil Free by 33 campaign

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Orfalea Foundation

In 2008, the Orfalea Foundations committed $105,058 to expand it 2006 commitment supporting the efforts of the Community Environmental Council (CEC) to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in Santa Barbara County in one generation. This 'Fossil Free by '33' campaign uses three strategies: (1) to reduce the amount of energy used to heat, light and power buildings by educating architects and builders, and changing local building codes; (2) to work with industry leaders and local governments to generate large amounts of electricity from renewable resources; (3) to help fleet managers and car owners transiton to hybrid or electric vehicles, and biofuels.
CEC is creating a package of comprehensive marketing materials for its Fossil Free by '33 campaign; and it has identified four phases of work that will result in a 12- to18-month campaign to help conduct analysis of its audiences, and develop and/or revise CEC's marketing and communications strategies.





Fossil Free by 33 campaign



Est. Duration

3 Years

Estimated Total Value



Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Orfalea Foundation

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Community Environmental Council, Free Range Studios, Gott Advertising, Cox Communications, Inc.