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Gulf Coast Green Schools Initiative

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Global Green USA

In 2007, Global Green USA committed to assist Louisiana with green schools policy and outreach, and New Orleans with technical assistance. Since then, the state passed green guidelines for schools being rebuilt post-Katrina, and New Orleans adopted a public schools' master plan, committing to build future schools to LEED Silver. Global Green also conducted three green schools' workshops around the state. In New Orleans, $75,000 was committed to four schools for energy audits and upgrades, all of which are now complete, and each of the four schools averages energy savings of $23,000 annually. Also in New Orleans, two LEED Silver school projects are receiving grants from Global Green for specific green features: $300,000 toward major renovation of an elementary school, and $420,000 for a high school being completely rebuilt. The elementary school, now completed, is expected to achieve LEED Gold certification, and is a showcase for the City.





Gulf Coast Green Schools Initiative



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6 Years

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Global Green USA

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Louisiana Recovery Authority