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Improving Maternal Health With Education & Training in Haiti

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Every Mother Counts

In 2013, Every Mother Counts (EMC) committed to providing financial support to Partners in Health (PIH) to implement a two-year midwifery and obstetric skills, in-service training, and continuing education program in Haiti. One in 83 Haitian women dies from pregnancy and childbirth related causes, and neonatal death rates are 31 per 1,000 live births. Those in rural areas are particularly disadvantaged as many women have home births without a skilled birth attendant and no access to emergency obstetric care. This shortage of skilled birth attendants has only worsened following the 2010 earthquake when the one midwifery school was destroyed. With funding and support from ECM, PIH will develop a training program for 80 participants over two years at the PIH teaching hospital in the Central Plateau. This will serve as a pilot program cohort, with the potential to expand and continue fulfilling this crucial need to train skilled birth attendants.





Improving Maternal Health With Education & Training in Haiti



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2 Years

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Latin America & Caribbean



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Every Mother Counts

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