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Instill Self-Respect to Improve Academic Outcomes for Girls

Commitment by

The Respect Institute

In 2013, The Respect Institute (RI) and partners committed to providing 10,000 vulnerable young women ages 11 to 18 in more than ten states through 2015 the tools and coaching, including the Respect 360 toolkit, needed to build self-respect in order to improve academic and life outcomes. The Respect Institute will train partners to integrate the Respect 360 toolkit into their girl and vulnerable youth development frameworks, which includes more than 75 activity, journal and group discussion cards that can be utilized in Respect Circles (small groups) or via a coaching process to guide youth and young adults to practice The Respect Basics. In total, the Respect 360 toolkit will be delivered by more than 500 trained educators, mentors, advisors, counselors, intervention workers, and social workers in settings such as advisory groups, after-school groups, residential programs, and mentoring sessions.





Instill Self-Respect to Improve Academic Outcomes for Girls



Est. Duration

1 Year

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

The Respect Institute

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Mightybell, LearningTimes, Kids in Common, Young Women's College Prep Public School of Rochester, Mentoring USA, The National Crittenton Foundation, Planned Parenthood Federation Of America, Inc., Empowered for Purpose, Young Women's Leadership Network, Santa Clara County Opportunity Youth Partnership