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Junior Energy Commitment

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Tigerlake Foundation

In 2008, Tigerlake Foundation commtitted to launching Junior Energy--a program that strives to provide students with the information and tools they need to make positive environmental changes in their own homes, enabling students to reduce household energy use through easy purchases, and raising funds for environmental school programs.
Junior Energy directly reached over 2,500 students in the 2010/2011 school year working primarily in New York City schools and its outlying areas. Junior Energy is working in over 10 school districts in New Jersey and New York, and has reached over 13,000 students to date. Junior Energy has created a partnership between CERC, part of the Earth Institute at Columbia University; ThinkEco, a private sector company supplying energy consumption solutions; the National Science Foundation in Washington D.C.; and the Department of Education for NYC Public Schools to launch a research-based project measuring the electrical consumption of appliances in their schools to help reduce energy usage. In addition, Junior Energy's educational website has been launched; K-12 curriculum developed; and an animated video produced to support Junior Energy's mission. The distribution of about 5,000 CFL bulbs, which collectivley have the potential to avoidthe emissions of over 5,000,000 lbs of greenhouse gases and to save over 3,000,000 kwh of energy.





Junior Energy Commitment



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4 Years

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United States

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Tigerlake Foundation

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Alliance for Climate Education, Greif, Inc., EarthEcho International, Jayni Chase