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Kenya School Feeding Initiative

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Feed The Children, Inc.

In just eight months, Feed the Children has accomplished their 3-year school feeding commitment. Feed the Children (FTC) committed to scale up the implementation of school feeding programs in areas of Kenya most affected by the global food crisis by 50% (60,000 school children) over a three year period.
Harnessing its institutional knowledge and capacity in Kenya, FTC has worked closely with the World Food Program (WFP), the Government of Kenya, and its donors to fill gaps in school feeding programs in the face of rising food prices. They have targeted the most vulnerable children whose families lack sufficient resources for adequate food security and nutrition; many are orphans and/or suffer from chronic illnesses and struggle to obtain one meal each day.
At the time of their commitment, FTC was providing school lunches to 120,000 school children daily in the urban slums of Nairobi, 72,000 in partnership with WFP and the Government of Kenya, and 50,000 independently, thanks to generous donors.
Given the high levels of food insecurity in urban slum areas, and the success of this Urban School Feeding Program (USFP) there has been a significant expansion in 2009. Once again, in partnership with WFP and the Government of Kenya as well as utilizing private donor dollars, FTC, as the implementing partner of WFP, has expanded the USFP in Nairobi by 25,900 school children daily and a new program has been successfully implemented which targets 35,000 school children each day in the Urban Slums of Mombasa.
Through their strengthened partnership, Feed The Children, the World Food Program and the Government of Kenya have expanded the reach from 120,000 primary school children in the slums of Nairobi to a total of 180,900 school children in the slums of both Nairobi and Mombasa in just a few months .





Kenya School Feeding Initiative



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1 year

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Commitment by

Feed The Children, Inc.

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Ministry Of Education, Kenya, United Nations World Food Programme, Republic of Kenya