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Large Scale Shoe Production and Job Creation in Haiti

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TOMS Shoes

In 2013, TOMS committed to opening a shoe factory in Haiti and to create a minimum of 100 sustainable jobs over the next five years. Under this commitment TOMS will produce millions of giving and retail shoes in Haiti and will support the growth of a responsible, sustainable Haitian shoe industry. The latter will be achieved through the factory and TOMS' support of the Haitian Artists Collective, through which TOMS currently supports 30 artisans who design, paint and decorate TOMS' retail shoes. As production increases, TOMS aims to provide significantly more jobs both for factor workers and to members of the Collective. Throughout this commitment TOMS will generate dedicated local partnerships to support infrastructure and workforce support systems surrounding employees, their families and the broader community. Fair living wages and working conditions such as health care, free transport and affordable housing will be ensured for all TOMS' employees in Haiti.

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Large Scale Shoe Production and Job Creation in Haiti



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5 years

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Latin America & Caribbean



Commitment by

TOMS Shoes

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Republic of Haiti, Golden Pacific Lxj, United States Department of State