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MADE for Saving Africa's Elephants

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Made Fashion

In 2014, Made Fashion Week at Milk Studios committed to raising awareness of the African elephant-poaching crisis through its highly visible and most trafficked event of the year, MADE Fashion Week. This event brings together artists, designers, consumers, media, non-profits, philanthropy leaders, and many others for a common cause. Rather than limiting the exposure of the cause to a single-time event, MADE will commission a piece of large-scale artwork inspired by the elephant poaching crisis to be displayed in the gallery of Milk Studios for the entire duration of MADE Fashion Week, September 4 - 10, 2014. This will result in approximately 12,000 people viewing and interacting with the display in-person. In order to build a sustained campaign that results in maximum impact both in the fashion community and a more mainstream audience outside of cosmopolitan New York, the installation initiative in September will be followed by a unique retail experience in October, when MADE designers will produce limited-edition items inspired by the CGI Elephant Action Network and the work of its members to combat the poaching crisis. The products will be upscale, garnering significant media exposure, and forging artistic alliances for NGOs committed to the anti-poaching cause.





MADE for Saving Africa's Elephants



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1 year

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United States

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Made Fashion

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Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Society