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A New Green Economy: Investing in Urban Opportunities

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Green For All, Living Cities

In 2009 Green For All and Living Cities committed to form the Energy Efficiency Opportunity Fund(EEOF), a new social investment fund finances innovative efforts to retrofit homes, businesses and community facilities. The goal is to achieve greater energy efficiency and other environmental benefits while creating jobs and cutting costs for low-income communities. This complements Green For All's continued commitment and dedication to creating a green economy that lifts people out of poverty, as they build capacity at regional and local levels through their Living Cities Initiative. In September 2009, they established the Urban Opportunity Retrofit Fund LLC, a new social investment fund. The goal of the Fund is to ensure at least six urban communities and at least 40,000 people -- specifically from low-income communities and communities of color - benefit from wide-scale, cost-effective and energy-efficient retrofits which, in turn, create good, green-collar jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.





A New Green Economy: Investing in Urban Opportunities



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3 Years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Green For All, Living Cities

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Kapor Enterprises, Inc., Bend the Arc, The Kendeda Fund, Cynthia A. Ryan, Chris Block, Stephen DeBerry, Atlee McFellin, The Schooner Foundation, Wallace Global Fund