Commitment to Action

Partnering for Better Employment: Palestine & Tunisia

Commitment by

Welfare Association

In 2015, Welfare Association and its partners committed to expand their Youth Employment Services (YES) program to provide six-month internships for an additional 1,800 youth in the Palestinian territory. The aim of the YES program is to connect fresh college and university graduates with local employers through the YES match-making web portal for six-month internships. The internship model currently has an 80% success rate of placing youth in permanent positions after their internship placement. Additionally, Welfare Association will harness its YES program for other Arab youth in the region by replicating the YES model in Tunisia in order to provide 1,000 Tunisian youth with six-month internships. In parallel, Welfare Association will launch a new workforce development program and will provide training to 200 Palestinian youth to prepare them for virtual job opportunities in the technology, web development, and web design fields. The aim is to create virtual work experience opportunities for young Palestinian graduates, enabling them to secure permanent positions whilst living in Palestine. Ultimately, the commitment will affect 3,000 Arab youth by providing them with internship and job opportunities.





Partnering for Better Employment: Palestine & Tunisia



Est. Duration

2 years

Estimated Total Value



Middle East & North Africa


Palestinian Territories, TUNISIA

Commitment by

Welfare Association

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

Islamic University of Gaza, Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce, Leaders Organization, Education For Employment, Silatech, Agricultural Development Association, Bank of Palestine, International Labour Organization, Hebron Chamber of Commerce