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PEERWORLD: A Curated Digital Donation Platform

Commitment by

Oliver Fiechter

In 2016, Oliver Fiechter committed to building Peerworld, an online platform of invited donors and nonprofit organizations designed to build purposeful connections between users and allow them to showcase their work to others in the network. Peerworld will launch with 20 nonprofit organizations and 100 donors, with the aim to grow to 10,000 donors by the end of 2017. Additional nonprofits will be acquired through introductions by current members, while the donor base will be cultivated through relationships with banks, wealth managers, and other outreach efforts. Through machine learning and content optimization technology, Peerworld will connect people who share the same values, tailor content for individual users, and will help them find and support each other. Each nonprofit will be given an Expert Rating, as well as a rating by site users in order to facilitate peer-to-peer information sharing about donor experiences with specific organizations. Peerworld is underpinned by the values of empathy, communication, and interconnectedness, and it will strive to strengthen these skills within its community.





PEERWORLD: A Curated Digital Donation Platform



Est. Duration

1 year

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Commitment by

Oliver Fiechter

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