Commitment to Action

West Coast Water Infrastructure Innovation Initiative

Commitment by

West Coast Infrastructure Exchange (Wcx)

In 2014, the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange (WCX) and its federal and state level partners, committed to manage a collaboration of relevant public, private and NGO agencies to address the lack of water infrastructure funding and capacity for project planning and development at the local level. Through these efforts, the WCX aims to reduce regulatory and investment risk obstacles by working with government partners to identify the most viable water and wastewater projects in the region for aggregation into a portfolio for a single long-term contract. The purpose of this effort is to demonstrate the viability of aggregating groups of smaller water and wastewater projects into a single master agreement that can achieve economies of scale and to accomplish a more rapid modernization of aging water systems.? The WCX will assist state and local partners to identify projects that are most suitable for potential private sector partnerships and work to structure the transactions to maximize public benefit.





West Coast Water Infrastructure Innovation Initiative



Est. Duration

2 years

Estimated Total Value



Northern America


United States

Commitment by

West Coast Infrastructure Exchange (Wcx)

Partner(s) of the Commitment Maker(s)

U.S. Department of Agriculture, State of California, The State of Washington, State of Oregon, US Environmental Protection Agency