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“Who Will” Reproductive Health Campaign

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WomanCare Global

In 2015, Woman Care Global, in collaboration with Jessica Biel, committed to launching the “Who Will” campaign centered on education about menses, contraception, and pregnancy for women and girls. This campaign will help girls and women better engage with their bodies and health, improve access to information and better empower them to make good decisions. The campaign will address the inclusion of men in the overall discussion of women’s health by demystifying women’s health topics through open dialogue. With the guidance of a medical expert, the campaign will answer questions through our social media platforms, address myths and provide women with access to general information that will build awareness and help them make the best decisions for their own lives. The cornerstone of the campaign is a collection of videos posted on the WCG website, YouTube, and across social media platforms. These videos will feature Jessica Biel and provide open, factual, and appropriately humorous women’s health information.





“Who Will” Reproductive Health Campaign



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1 year

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Northern America


United States

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WomanCare Global

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Evofem Llc