College and Career Readiness

Providing Youth with Pathways to Quality Education and Thriving Careers

While America’s high school graduation rate is at a record high level of 80 percent, continued improvements in this area will be increasingly difficult. This is especially true in low-income communities where students face added barriers to engaging in meaningful postsecondary experiences. Building off of the Reconnecting Youth Working Group of prior years, attendees in the new 2016 College and Career Readiness Working Group will generate Commitments to Action aimed at providing all students with access to the resources and opportunities needed to have a meaningful education and career.

2016 Subtopics

Mentorship for Postsecondary Success

Quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people’s personal, academic, and professional ways. Attendees will explore partnerships that expand on current peer-peer/near-peer mentoring models and create new mentorship pipelines.

Supporting First-Generation College Students and Opportunity Youth

Opportunity Youth and first-generation college students face unique challenges in accessing career and college pathways. Attendees will explore ways to better align support services within communities to improve engagement with Opportunity Youth and first-generation college students.

Career Readiness Experiences

Improving access to employment opportunities is paramount to supporting more youth in living self-sufficiently. Attendees will determine strategies for creating hiring programs, internship programs, and employer-led trainings that develop marketable skills and provide direct links to in-demand careers for youth.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and emotional skills are critical to being a good student, citizen, and worker. Attendees will examine ways social and emotional skills are fostered and create programs and interventions to support the perseverance, persistence, and success of all youth.

Innovative Commitments

UBS NextGen Leaders: College Matching Portal

Commitment by: UBS Wealth Management USA
Commitment Partners: Tennessee College Access and Success Network; Discovery Education

In 2015, UBS committed to partner with Tennessee College Access and Success Network and Discovery Education to build a technology portal that will establish an online community of college access and admissions professionals. This community will connect high-potential, lower-income, and first-generation college-goers with institutions that are a good fit, increasing the likelihood that they will graduate and attain career success.

The Boomerang Effect: Invest in The Next Generation

Commitment by: Marcus Graham Project
Commitment Partners: Pepsico; Microsoft; MDC Partners, Inc.

In 2015, The Marcus Graham Project committed to increase the number of ethnic minorities in the advertising, marketing, and communications industries by scaling its high-touch flagship training program, the iCR8 Summer Boot Camp. The commitment will also launch a new year-long series of weekend workshops and monthly mini bootcamps in six new markets to reach 500 students over the next three years.

Empowering Students to Explore Pathways for their Futures

Commitment by: Roadtrip Nation; AT&T Inc.; AT&T Foundation
Commitment Partners: Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID); State of California

In 2013, Roadtrip Nation, AT&T, and the AT&T Foundation committed to provide 10,000 students at-risk of not graduating high school the opportunity to explore pathways for their futures by engaging in The Roadtrip Nation Experience curriculum. Through this experience, students identify and interview leaders in their local communities to learn the steps they took to get to where they are today. By March 2014, Roadtrip Nation had provided over 11,000 alternative education and AVID high school students with access to the Roadtrip Nation Experience, surpassing its initial goal.

Texting for College Success

Commitment by: iMentor
In 2013, iMentor, with funding from the Citi Foundation and Heckscher Foundation, committed to design and implement a text message campaign targeting college-bound students in low-income communities that will provide them with information about matriculation at their chosen college. iMentor completed its text messaging campaign in the summer of 2013, with 395 mentees and 555 mentors participating by receiving text messages.

Featured Past Participants

The Aspen Institute
AT&T Inc.
Bank of America Corporation
Casey Family Programs
City Year, Inc.
Corporation for National and Community Service
Gap Inc.
Gateway to College National Network
Goodwill Industries International, Inc.
The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Marriott International, Inc.
The Rockefeller Foundation
UBS Wealth Management USA
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
U.S. Department Of Labor