Networking Event

4:00 PM -

 6:00 PM

Student Networking Reception

The Student Reception is a unique opportunity to meet and share ideas with the other students and nonprofit leaders who are attending CGI U. Upon entering the room, attendees should locate the CGI U focus areas and keywords that are most closely aligned with their respective commitments, and introduce themselves to other participants who share their interests and work.

Opening Plenary Session

6:30 PM -

 8:00 PM

The Age of Participation

We live in an age of participation, where an unprecedented number of citizens—men and women, rich and poor—can express their own opinions, pursue their own educations, and launch their own enterprises. As ideas and information travel greater lengths and at faster speeds, the very process of social change has transformed. How can young people most effectively address global challenges in this age of participation? How can we harness technology as a force for good, and what are its limitations? This panel will bring together students, celebrities, and entrepreneurs to speak to the promises and challenges of bringing forth positive change in an age of participation.


Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former U.S. Secretary of State and U.S. Senator from New York
Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University


President Bill Clinton, Founding Chairman, Clinton Global Initiative; 42nd President of the United States


Manal Al-Sharif, IT Consultant, Columnist, and Blogger, Right2Dignity and BlueNetworks
Shree Bose, Student, Harvard University
John McCain, United States Senator from Arizona
Jimmy Wales, Founder, Wikipedia