About CGI U

Commitment to Action

A Commitment to Action, the cornerstone of the CGI U program, is a positive and effective social impact project that is new, specific, and measurable. At CGI U, students are not just discussing problems—they are taking real, concrete steps towards solving them.

A commitment can be small or large, local or global, financial or non-monetary in nature. CGI U commitments address specific challenges across CGI U's five focus areas, and each is assigned a more specific keyword within the CGI U commitments portfolio.

In order to participate in the year-round CGI U program, each student or group must develop and submit a Commitment to Action. Individual commitments can be projects proposed by a single person or a single person representing a group. Projects proposed by more than one person are considered group projects. Up to three students may apply to CGI U with a group commitment, but many more may be involved in its implementation.

Commitment Criteria

New: Each commitment must be a new initiative for the individual or group making the commitment. If a commitment is an expansion of an existing effort, it can focus on a different geographic area, work with new partners, or shift the focus or scope of the initiative.

Specific: Each commitment must address a specific challenge with a defined course of action and detailed objectives. It has defined goals, an outline of planned activities, and realistic expectations for how long it takes to complete the project.

Measurable: Each commitment should achieve results that are measurable and can be reported back to CGI U. The impact of a commitment can be determined in many ways, whether measuring the number of volunteers trained, houses built, children tutored, or hours of direct service provided.


Interested in learning more about the Commitment to Action model? CGI U has created a comprehensive Commitment to Action Toolkit aimed to provide a framework for developing a project from idea to action. This toolkit is designed for educators and trainers to introduce the Commitment to Action as a thoughtful, effective, and important exercise in developing leadership tactics and strategies particular to the social impact and social responsibility space.