Funding Opportunities

CGI U seeks to provide commitment-makers with various funding opportunities for their work. Examples of funding opportunities are outlined below.

The CGI University Network

If your school is a member of the CGI University Network, you may be eligible to apply for funding to support your commitment and offset travel costs to the CGI U meeting. Each member university pledges a minimum of $10,000 total in funding to CGI U student commitment-makers and decides how the funding is allocated. Students from member universities also have access to unique on-campus mentorship opportunities.


The Resolution Project provided $50,000 total in seed funding across select CGI U 2018 undergraduate students through the Resolution Social Venture Challenge (SVC). The SVC is a competition designed to identify and support young people from around the world who offer innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. A social venture may be a for-profit or nonprofit initiative, as long as it will be sustainable and have a measurable social impact. Students who are awarded funding for their commitments will also be named Resolution Fellows, and will receive ongoing mentorship, pro bono services, and robust support.

The CGI U Commitments Challenge

In partnership with GoFundMe, selected CGI U students have the opportunity to compete to raise funds for their Commitments to Action. With support from CGI U and GoFundMe, students learn how to best utilize the crowdfunding platform to successfully raise money for their commitments. The team that raises the most money for their Commitment to Action is anounced on stage at the CGI U meeting. In 2018, student teams raised over $40,000 in support of their Commitments to Action.