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Call for Code - University Edition

Presented by IBM & CGI U

CGI U is co-hosting a series of Call for Code® educational events in collaboration with IBM and organizations around the world.  

Participating students will have access to IBM technological resources and content experts to engage with and help bring ideas to life, and students from winning teams will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to participate in the CGI U program. You can find more details about Call for Code on IBM's Challenge homepage.

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2021 Hackathon Event Series

February 5-6, 2021 Call for Code Hackathon: Innovation, Equity, and Climate Change with Arizona State University
This hackathon included a panel discussion, Expanding Access to Affordable & Sustainable Energy, which featured CGI U '13 Donnel Baird and CGI U '20 Jenn Hoody.

March 26-31, 2021 Call for Code University Challenge: Howard Hackathon for Environmental Justice
All students interested in participating can register here.

*Special Event* March 26-27, 2021 We invite everyone to join us on either Friday, March 26 at 7pm ET (add to calendar) or Saturday, March 27 at 7am ET (add to calendar) for the Call for Code: State of the University Challenge. This event is open to the public and will be the official kickoff for the 2021 Hackathon Event Series!


Since CGI U 2015 the Clinton Foundation has hosted a two-day impact driven Codeathon for higher education students of all academic backgrounds, in advance of the CGI U Annual Meeting.

Past Clinton Foundation Codeathons have included:

  • CGI U 2020 featured twelve virtual Codeathons, engaging students in tackling pressing challenges such as COVID-19 and climate change. During this unprecedented year, IBM and CGI U engaged more than 59,000 students through its offerings, partnering with the University of Edinburgh, the Australian National University, MIT, Georgia Tech, Drexel University, Cal Hacks, IvyHacks, Caribbean Girls Hack, Unity, and the New York City Mayor’s Office.
  • CGI U 2019 featured several Codeathons throughout the academic year hosted by CGI University Network institutions, including Arizona State University, Cornell University, ETH Zurich, Miami Dade College, UC Berkeley, and UC San Diego
  • CGI U 2018 Codeathon with the Clinton Climate Initiative at the University of Chicago, challenging students to develop tech platforms to improve disaster recovery and response efforts
  • CGI U 2017 Codeathon with the Clinton Climate Initiative at Northeastern University, challenging students to develop tech platforms to increase energy efficiency in metropolitan cities
  • CGI U 2016 with the Clinton Health Matters Initiative at the University of California, Berkeley, challenging students to develop tech platforms that improve mental health on college campuses
  • CGI U 2015 at the University of Miami, challenging students to develop unique digital prototypes that addressed a pressing challenge within CGI U's focus areas of education, environment and climate change, and public health