CGI U Innovation Fund

Launched at CGI University (CGI U) 2016, the CGI U Innovation Fund will source, support, and feature the most effective, high-impact student innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world. Working within the CGI U Commitment to Action model, Innovation Fund grants will provide students with critical seed funding to help launch and scale their early-stage projects. The awarded funds will range from approximately $2,000 to $10,000. Accepted students receiving funding through the Innovation Fund will also be invited to attend the CGI U 2017 meeting.

There is a two-phase online application process for prospective Innovation Fund grantees. Phase one is the pre-application, which invites interested and eligible students to provide a personal statement, outline their Commitment to Action, and demonstrate a tangible need for early-stage seed funding.

The pre-application is followed by phase two, an invitation-only full application, which will select students to provide greater detail on their Commitments to Action, project budgets, and specific spending projections.

We are not currently accepting applications for the 2016 Innovation Fund cycle but will be in touch with applicants in the coming weeks with status updates on their submissions.