CGI U Programs

CGI U 2022 Prospective Student Sessions

If you are a student interested in learning more about the CGI U's 2022 student programs and application processes, we invite you to attend one of the following 1-hour Prospective Student Sessions. We will be adding more events to this lineup, so please be sure to check back frequently!

CGI U Program and Application Overview

Led by CGI U Senior Outreach and Engagement Associate, Cassie Epstein
Learn about the Clinton Global Initiative University year-long student program, CGI U 2022, and its extension programs through Verizon, IBM, and Up to Us. During this session, students will learn more about the programs, CGI U Commitment to Action model, and how to start the CGI U application process.

Session 1: September 14 at 11:00am ET
Session 2: November 9 at 5:00pm ET
Session 3: November 22 at 9:00am ET
Session 4: January 12 at 9:00am ET

Submitting a Compelling CGI U Application

Led by CGI U Senior Outreach and Engagement Associate, Cassie Epstein
We will walk students and educators through how to craft and submit a competitive application for CGI U 2022. In this session, students will go over each section of the CGI U 2022 application and talk through how to best approach each question. There will also be an opportunity to exchange CGI U Commitment to Action ideas.

Session 1: September 27 at 4:00pm ET
Session 2: October 28 at 12:00pm ET
Session 3: January 14 at 5:00pm ET

In-Depth Series

We invite you to join us for these deep dive sessions for more focused, in-depth explorations of topics within CGI U's student programs and applications.

In-Depth: Creating a Community-Focused Commitment

Led by CGI U Senior Manager of Impact and Design, Myeashea Alexander
This in-depth session will walk students and educators through how to create a CGI U Commitment to Action in collaboration with community partners and the people who will be most impacted. This session will discuss the importance of building trust within the community and how to approach human-centered work thoughtfully and equitably.

October 11 at 10:00am ET

In-Depth: Considerations When Designing Your Commitment

Led by Senior Manager of Community Engagement, Megan Strawther
This in-depth session will explore how to design a new, specific, and measurable CGI U Commitment to Action, with case studies of past commitments and how they achieved sustained, positive social impact.

December 8 at 1:00pm ET

In-Depth: CGI U Curriculum and Commitment Mentorship Overview

Led by Programs Associate, Katie DiClemente
This in-depth session will provide more information on CGI U’s comprehensive social impact curriculum that is a part of the CGI U 2022 year-long program. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about CGI U’s talented Commitment Mentors, consisting of CGI U alumni who provide personalized mentorship to students selected for the program.

January 5 at 4:00pm ET

If your university or college is interested in scheduling an information session exclusively available to your student body, please email our team at [email protected].