The Myanmar Action Network, established in 2014, convenes CGI members—representing corporations, NGOs, and social enterprises—working toward responsible and inclusive investment in the social and economic development of the country. Myanmar continues to capture the international community’s attention as a critical actor in Southeast Asia and an important frontier market.

With a population of 60 million, the country has the potential to quadruple the size of its economy by 2030. However, this growth depends on the resolution of a number of challenges in the country. Significant investments are required in energy, telecommunications, transportation infrastructure, education and workforce development, public health, and economic development. The primary focus areas in 2015 for the Action Network are: 1) enterprise development, 2) education and workforce development, 3) agriculture, 4) public health, and 5) energy.


  • Build and expand a community of CGI members—as well as CGI meeting programming—focused on this topic
  • Provide an opportunity for members to network, build partnerships, and educate one another about priorities, work underway, and challenges
  • Guide members active in this space toward concrete impact through the development of new Commitments to Action

Selected Commitments

Women’s Empowerment in Myanmar: Change for the Future 
Committment by: Pact; partners
In 2014, Pact committed to empower women in six townships in Myanmar through financial inclusion, health, and mobile technology. Read more »


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