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Partnership to Map Air Pollution Across California Cities

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Aclima Inc.

In 2015, Aclima and Google Maps committed to using a newly-developed mobile sensor-based technology platform to measure and map air quality in at least three major metropolitan areas, including communities in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Central Valley regions. Aclima and Google will equip Google Street View cars with Aclima’s sensing platform, and drive city streets gathering measurements on air pollution, which affects human health and contributes to climate change. Once collected, the air quality data will be processed, analyzed, and aggregated by Aclima’s data platform, and made available on Google Earth Engine, Google’s geospatial analysis platform. The data will then be made available to scientists and air quality experts. They will explore ways to utilize this data at the community scale and explore its implications for human health and the environment. Community members will be able to access and view street-level air quality maps, overlaid on Google Earth and Google Maps.





Partnership to Map Air Pollution Across California Cities



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1 year

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Aclima Inc.

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Google Inc.