CGI America 2015



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Special Event

6:45 PM -

 8:30 PM

Bending the Arc: The American City and Our Bold Urban Future

Dinner Hosted by The Kresge Foundation

The city has always held a unique position in America, offering the promise of opportunity and self-determination to millions of people. As a result, the urban population of the United States has grown considerably over the last sixty years. America is now one of the largest urbanized countries on the planet, with more than four out of five Americans currently making a life in a major metropolitan area. The future of the United States rests undeniably within its cities, but what does that future hold? This dinner will feature a special conversation on the current state and future trajectory of the American city.


Julián Castro, Secretary, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Rip Rapson, President and CEO, The Kresge Foundation


California’s Role in the American Dream

Dinner Hosted by Banc of California

Since its inception, California has been a trendsetter for the rest of the United States. It is home to some of the world’s most innovative companies, America’s largest agricultural centers and some of its busiest ports, and a diverse population all of which make up an economy that would be the 8th largest in the world if it were an independent nation. However, despite all of its advantages, California faces many serious economic challenges. The agricultural and inland communities are struggling, water is being rationed, unemployment remains high, and small businesses still struggle to find the capital they need to grow. Meanwhile, California has a surging and vibrant Latino population whose growth is rapidly changing the dynamics of the state. Latinos now make up the fastest growing group of new business owners and homeowners, presenting yet another opportunity for California to provide the next generation with a path to securing the American Dream.

This panel will discuss:

• The challenges and opportunities that current economic conditions present to the continued attainment of the American Dream for Californians.
• The issues unique to California and its people, climate, and business environment that present lessons for the rest of the United States.
• How the rest of the United States can increase opportunity for all Americans by learning from California’s successes and failures.


Paulina Gonzalez, Executive Director, California Reinvestment Coalition
Gene Sperling, Consultant, Pacific Investment
Steven Sugarman, Chairman, President, and CEO, Banc of California, Inc.
Laura Tyson, Professor, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
Antonio Villaraigosa, Former Mayor, City of Los Angeles


STEM on Tap: An Evening of Mind-Bending Trivia and Beer Education

Dinner Hosted by CA Technologies

Bringing attendees together for an evening of science and STEM trivia, the first half of the program will focus on the science behind brewing beer, where guests will have the opportunity to participate in a behind-the-scenes educational tour of Denver Beer Co. Later on, attendees will compete in STEM trivia while enjoying local food truck fare. The evening will also provide an opportunity to learn about Tech Girls Rock, a CGI Commitment to Action launched by CA Technologies in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America that helps girls discover an interest in tech-related educational opportunities and careers.


The Changing Landscape of Disaster Resiliency, Response, and Recovery in the United States

Dinner Hosted by Toyota

In the aftermath of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the tornadoes that severely damaged Joplin in 2011, and Hurricane Sandy, we have learned a great deal about methods that better prepare communities for potential natural disasters and drastically reduce the human toll of a delayed recovery. During this dinner, a panel of innovators and experts will discuss how they are implementing new scalable and replicable approaches, including skill-based corporate investment strategies and a mindset of constructive discontent. These approaches aim to assure Americans understand and mitigate risks before a disaster, recover in a prompt and efficient manner, and develop effective resiliency measures to reduce the impact of future events.


Deborah Aldredge, Chief Administrative Officer, Farmers Group, Inc.
Mike Goss, Vice President, External Affairs and Communications, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America
Michael Hancock, Mayor, City & County of Denver
Zack Rosenburg, Chief Executive Officer, St. Bernard Project
Jason Williams, President, New Orleans City Council
Dawn Zimmer, Mayor, City of Hoboken, NJ